Strengthening Capacity and Advocacy

The New District Education Authorities Council

District Education Authorities (DEAs) are currently represented by the Coalition of Nunavut DEAs (CNDEA), a registered society under the Societies Act that has legislative roles assigned to it within the Education Act. During the 2016 consultations, the DEAs sent a clear message regarding the need for more control over operational support in their day to day work and a stronger voice in the Legislative Assembly.

To that end, we propose to:

  • Establish a DEA Council (DEAC), independent of the Department of Education.
  • DEAs will elect members to the DEAC from amongst their own elected representatives. 
  • Require DEAC to provide training to DEAs, support them in the development of teacher orientation programming, and develop materials to assist DEAs with program development.  
  • Require DEAC to provide DEAs with Innuqatigittsiarniq and registration and attendance policies if they do not have them in place.
  • The Department of Education and DEAC will regularly consult on aspects of the education system.
  • DEAC will provide reports to the Department of Education when requested.
  • Once DEAC is established, the Coalition of Nunavut DEAs will not receive funding from the government.

Main benefits:

  • Increase operational support for DEAs.
  • Increase staffing capacity to fulfill responsibilities.
  • Establish a stronger voice in the Legislative Assembly.

The CSFN will still have a seat on the DEA Council.